New home

Merry Berry in the SandWell this is it, my first post in a new home.  My old blog (check it out here) feels like it doesn’t fit me any more, rather like my pre-motherhood wardrobe, so this blog is a fresh start.  Times have changed or rather my spare time has changed (there is much less of it) so on this blog there won’t be as much knitting (knitting is pretty labour intensive – I need quick results right now) but there will be more on crafts in general and probably too much about my two children, Merry Berry and the Little Panda.

To start our adventures, here is a summary of key characters:

Me: (I just asked my husband how he would describe me and he said ‘deranged zoo-keeper’, I think I might have to write this myself).  I previously worked in finance but for the last 3 years I’ve been a full-time Mum.  I spend any spare moment I have making things (sewing, baking, knitting, drawing, turning cardboard boxes into the requested object of the latest pre-school whim – actually I spend most of my time on the cardboard box thing).  On this blog I’ll probably give you the impression I live in quiet tidy rooms with gentle music playing in the background.  In reality I sometimes forget what colour the carpet really is under the toys and cbeebies theme tunes haunts me as I drift off to sleep.

The Little Panda – 3 years old and already a gentle giant.  Clever and shy, he obsesses over maps, aeroplanes and under-sea creatures.  He pretty much always wakes up singing.

Merry Berry – 18 months old.  A determined, NOISY, child.  Happy and energetic. Independent but loving.  If only she would sleep.

Monkey – My wonderful husband.  Captain of our small crew and ridiculously adored by the children.  Clever, charming and infinitely patient (luckily).

Well, that’s all of us.  Let the adventures begin…


About skendras

I love sewing, knitting, drawing, reading and looking after my two children.
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2 Responses to New home

  1. seashoreknits says:

    Kendra – Congratulations on the new blog! I am a follower of your previous blog – the lovely I Dream of the Sea. I had onloy just begun following that blog shortly before you stopped frequent posting, so I really feel that I am just beginning to “know” you.
    I look forward to following you here and a excited to join you in this new place!! Now I’m off to explore!!

  2. Bee says:

    Looking forward to your new blog!!! B x

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